slot dvd laptop

The process was very simple.
Once it is loosened you can pull бонус коды для world of tanks бесплатно the blank caddy out.
Windows will partition, format and install windows.Select install windows 10 to your new SSD.Insert caddy holding SSD into the laptop and tighten locking screw.I can confirm that the Acer Aspire E5-573G-56RG DVD slot can indeed take a caddy and SSD card.Screw the metal thingy on to the back of the new caddy.3) Power on laptop.Alter boot order in bios and boot from DVD.
Insert the SSD in the caddy and tighten up the screws.
Boot to windows 10 and use your preferred partition tool to partition your new drive if you want.
2) Clip the trim on the front of the new caddy.
Process is supper simple.
I went for the later.
5) Laptop flys with windows and apps on SSD and acer bloatware removed.
4) Assuming you want to take full advantage of your SSD drive you will want to either transfer your existing windows install to the new drive or perform a fresh install.1) Remove the one screw that locks the DVD drive.One you do unclip the trim and unscrew the metal piece at the back.Alternatively if you are installing windows then windows will do it automatically.I installed the.5mm caddy from here and and a sata 3 SSD drive - I used this one.Its located about 5" in from the front of the middle of the DVD bay.You will have to manually install the nvidia drivers but other than that everything was included in the install.

About 95 of these are optical drives, 3 are hdd enclosure, and 1 are other service equipment.
A wide variety of slim slot loading dvd.